A Brand new well maintained homestay welcomes you with pride


                                           Located in the breezy heart of Fort Cochin, the Peniel Residency is an amazing place for your vacation, to replenish and experience what the renowned place has to offer. The St. Francis Church, Santa Cruz Basilica,the beach with the world famous Chinese fishing nets, European history and architecture are some of the destinations close to the Peniel Residency. The place is neither too vast to lose your way, nor is it too small to bore the trial-a simple walk on the streets would give you all that you need to know.   

                                          The Peniel Residency gives you a homely atmosphere with an authentic ambiance. The guests are provided with the best of services and the facilities are very up-to date. We not only render experience relating and existing only in the concept of homestay, but also in its reality.


                                                  'Peniel' is a biblical name which means 'the face of god'. The owners of the Peniel Residency are much loving and the family-like atmoshpere will always be felt. The Peniel Residency is surrounded by greenary and gardening is one other thing that you could find here.

                                          We, at Peniel Residency want to give you an experience so memorable, that it would be cherished throughout, and also for it to be the source of joy to bring you back here again.